Our Mission

We strive to provide personalized, structured, academic and extracurricular activities integrated with mental, emotional and behavioral health therapy, in a personalized and structured environment. Los Puentes will teach academic, social, and coping skills to youth at risk, based on educational and life goals, provide vocational and school-to-work opportunities, and instill within each student a renewed belief of their individual potential.

Setting environment

What We Aim To Foster

Opportunities for success through identification and development of students’ individual strengths, creativity and abilities.

Shared humor as an effective teaching and learning tool and where high expectations iwll create a high level of acheivment.

Student-initiated goal setting strategies with shared decision making for commitment to a common vision.

A positive environment where all students and staff are valued and respected as individuals.

A positive work environment through effective communication and follow through.

"There is no way I could have graduated and changed my life without this school. I was going down the wrong road and when I needed it the most Los Puentes had the most supportive staff and students I would have ever met."
- Los Puentes Graduate