Letter From the Principal


Welcome to the Los Puentes Charter School website. 

Los Puentes Charter School is a charter school in Albuquerque authorized by the Albuquerque Public School district that was founded to support students who are having difficulty in school and life.  Our students face many challenges in public education and we believe that the charter school model is one of our best opportunities to support those students.

Los Puentes Charter School (LPCS) was founded in 2002.  LPCS was a vision by Nancy Jo Archer, CEO of Hogares, Inc., who saw the need for a supportive mental/emotional/behavioral educational setting for those youth who were experiencing difficulty with the traditional school setting and were at risk of dropping out.  To that end, a committee comprised of educators, mental health professionals, and volunteers worked for a year prior to implementation to assure that Los Puentes would be a dynamic and effective charter school. LPCS was officially opened in August of 2002. 

The vision for the committee was to have an innovative, supportive mental/emotional/behavioral educational setting for youth that would enable them to have a successful educational experience and find success after high school.

We endeavor to create the kind of learning environment where students are engaged and build relationships with staff and teachers to achieve success and work towards realizing their individual potential.

Thank you for visiting the Los Puentes Charter School website.


Micaela “Mickey” Smith, Principal