Now Enrolling: Grades 7-12 & GED

NOt just a second chance but a better chance
Every Day is a Fresh Start

Los Puentes Charter School - BUILDING BRIDGES TO SUCCESS


Los Puentes Charter School provides individualized academic and extracurricular activities integrated with mental/emotional and behavioral health therapy, in a personalized and structured environment. Los Puentes will teach academic, social and coping skills to at risk youth, grades 7-12, based on educational life goals, provide vocational and school-to-work opportunities, and instill within each student a renewed belief of his or her individual potential.


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Los Puentes Graduate
Los Puentes Graduate
There is no way I could have graduated and changed my life without this school. I was going down the wrong road and when I needed it the most, Los Puentes had the most supportive staff and students I would have ever met.
Los Puentes Graduate
Los Puentes Graduate
The only school I really learned alot from. The teachers took time to teach and make sure I learned not just pass me off. Thank you for not just being another school but for being a school that wants to see there students succeed. Class of 2010!!! Love this school!!!